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Handicraft industries include paints, adhesives and textile

Color: The following figure shows a schematic view of the process of preparing a paint formulation.



صنایع زیردستی

Resins which are mainly used for making these colors are included all types of vinyl acetate homo-polymers and copolymers, styrene acrylic copolymers, and pure acrylic copolymers.

Notably, there are mainly three kinds of colors for painters. These colors are plastic, acrylic, and first class Plastic colors witch plastic type made with homo-polymer resins.

First class colors are made with copolymers or terpolymers resin. Semi-gloss acrylic colors are made with styrene acrylic resin. Also, gloss acrylic colors are made with pure acrylic resin.

The most important features that are required for making water- based colors of buildings are as follows:

Wash resistance, ultraviolet resistance, opaque and the easiness of task, alkali resistance, gloss, durability, adhesion to the surface and lack of absorption of dirt and storage.

The features of colors made with any types of resins are shown in the table below:


رنگ های ساخته شده با انواع رزین ها



A basic formulation for one kind of cheap wood adhesive is as follows:

Homo-polymer of vinyl acetate: 65 kg
Starch: 3.9 kg

Polyvinyl alcohol solution: 1.5

Anti-foaming: 0.1

Antibacterial: 0.1

With regard to the final application of each of the resins in textile industry, the formulation of latex mixture is used on the fiber surface in the following forms.

For example, the following mixture is used for the resin as an opaque of interior carpet.

·         Homo-polymer or copolymer of vinyl acetate resin, calcium carbonate powder, water, fixation or waterproof agents, fire retardant agents, soluble fraction of polyvinyl alcohol and carboxymethyl cellulose or hydroxyethyl cellulose.

(It should be noted that the resin viscosity and the final latex are changeable due to the type of the device and the carpet)

·         Latex formulation for nonwoven sizing: Curable acrylic or styrene acrylic copolymer resin, Catalyst, fixation or waterproof factors, anti-foam factors, and thickening factors if they are needed.

·         Latex formulation for pigment printing: self-lubricating vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic, or pure acrylic resin, water, thickeners, pigment, catalyst, wetter, and penetrator to the fabric surface.

·         Notably, we are very sensitive in producing resins which are used as pigment printing binder because resins are of importance as well as wash and wear resistance in both mentioned cases. The ability of pigment fixation on the fiber surface without any change in color and in shade is the main priority.  

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