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We offer services to you for the production of required emulsifiers in the emulsion polymerization systems and the replacement of imported emulsifiers with internal emulsifiers.

design and making the  industrial equipment is included .

the reactors with  capacity of 2 to 15 ton,  condenser or  heat exchanger as shell & tube based on the required thermal face,  gearbox with required power for the installation on the reactor, designing the  shaft and agitator of  reactor based on the viscosity range of products, dissolution tanks for the polyvinyl alcohol or powder thickeners, and related equipment like basket filters.

Platform design for the installation of equipment.

Design for conducting steel and galvanized piping through product and raw materials.

Instrumentation installing (flow meter, level meter and loud cell)

The equipment of quality control laboratory for the purpose of producing resins, paints, protective coatings and water-based adhesives are as follows:

1.     Typical reactors (atmospheric) and under pressure (10 Bar) with related stirring and heating systems.

2.     Measuring equipment including washing resistance measuring device and a measuring device for a minimum temperature of film forming.

We offer services like measuring the concentration of formulation components of water-based resins, the electrical conductivity, particle size and particle size distribution, the structure and the morphology of particles, and the analysis of raw materials used in the formulations and imported products.


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