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This company has the following production technology and their related equipment. All types of homo-polymer vinyl acetate as soft and hard, and the viscosity from very low to very high with redox technology at low temperature (30 to 40 ° C), Thermal primer systems for various uses such as glue stick, glue binding, opaque carpet ,carpet , fiber starch, and other uses.

All types of copolymers of  vinyl acetate- acrylic,  vinyl acetate –vinyl ester of vesatic acid(VeoVa) and terpolymer of vinyl acetate-acrylic- vinyl ester of vesatic acid with minimum cost and highest quality with end users in building exterior and interior painted frontage,  all kinds of primary colors, crack-covering coatings, flexible adhesives, and coatings of alkaline areas.

All types of styrene acrylic copolymers in quite soft and flexible forms are used for making all kinds of adhesives and coatings like cement and sealant adhesives and Polymeric roofing insulation. Also, all types of copolymers in hard form are used for building interior and exterior colors in matte and semi-matte forms.

 Pure acrylic copolymers with end users  in building exterior and interior painted frontage, colors resistant to ultraviolet light and extremely glossy and gloss coatings of wood surfaces.

Pure acrylic copolymer as thickener.
Acrylic homo-polymer as dispersant is used for dispersing all kinds of additives and pigments and fillers in making all kinds of colors and coatings.


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