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Waterborne traffic paints

Introduction: Since the late 1980s, waterborne traffic paints for environmental reasons were noted. These colors are mostly based on pure acrylic resins or styrene acrylic that have a high-speed drying, high-resistance strength of the coating pigment and high-resistance strength of absorb pollution are of the most important properties of the earlier times have gradually been strengthened during the production of these colors .
   Waterborne traffic paint

Traffic paints include major components such as pigments, fillers, resins and solvents are the most important component of the adhesion and durability of paint on the underside of emulsion resin is the same guarantees. The way most experts to select the type of traffic paint used for lining walkways are based on the technical characteristics and environmental characteristics of these colors. The main features of this material include good adhesion to the substrate is often resistant to abrasion and weather conditions and good performance over the useful life can be mentioned. These materials should have a certain color shades and acceptable abrasion throughout their useful lifetime. The drying system of these colors is formed with the solvent evaporation, traffic paint film on the surface of the asphalt. The segmentation of the raw materials used in pavement delineation was done based on their drying time, their durability and performance, the reflection of their light, and also their chemical structure.

Based on the stability of the coating applied to the surface of a variety of colors with different functions, traffic paints include:

·         Weak traffic Paints like cold traffic paints based on the Alkyd resins.

·         Strip durable two-component systems, such as pre-manufactured thermoplastic paints

Traffic paints which are classified based on the time of their drying are as follows:

  • More than 7 to 10 minutes.

  • Fast drying goes from 2 to 7 minutes.

  • Very fast drying returns of 30 to 120 seconds.

  • Quick drying in less than 30 seconds, the colors are dry.

Pure acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsion resin water produced by the use of waterborne traffic paints
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